World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action - August, 2014

WHO-UNICEF Early Initiation of Breastfeeding Brochure

WABA celebrates the 22nd year of our flagship World Breastfeeding Week (Aug 1-7) through active participation of the people’s organizations and groups, NGOs, governments, and is endorsed by the WHO and UNICEF. All come together every year to mobilize on and highlight critical Breastfeeding and Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) issues that the WABA network rises. For 2014 WABA asserts the importance of increasing and sustaining the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding with the theme, BREASTFEEDING: A Winning Goal - for Life!–for the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) countdown, and beyond. WABA shared the brochure with all developed jointly by Nutrition and Maternal, Newborn and Child Health colleagues on the crucial link between breastfeeding and newborn survival and health. Led by UNICEF and WHO, the brochure has been endorsed by a wide array of organizations that is 17 in total, who are joining together to advocate, raise attention and strengthen programmatic efforts in order to enable more mothers to breastfeed. It is quite exciting to see global momentum to support breastfeeding growing through a variety of advocacy initiatives, including the Every Newborn Action Plan which is integrating breastfeeding counseling and support as an essential part of community maternal and newborn care programs. WABA expressed the hope that everyone will be able to use the brochure in their own advocacy efforts during World Breastfeeding Week and beyond. WABA encourages everyone to share this with partners as well.


Reference: WABA website