World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action - June 2014

WABA Statement on Father's Day 2014

On the occasion of Father’s Day in the month of June World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action shared a message through the WABA website. A new father faces social challenges about his role: as a partner, in the family and in the community. The opportunity to co-parent in a complementary way presents itself from the earliest moments of parenthood. An informed and supportive father goes a long way in being the practical and emotional help needed by a breastfeeding mother. Understanding, involvement and support from a father is more likely to result in the family making the decision to breastfeed which will then leads to a successful breastfeeding journey for the family. This in turn lays the foundation for valuing the nutrition, comfort and bonding that every child needs. The message also included Father’s Day as an opportunity for men and women to think deeply about the meaning of being a father and a parent. Finally WABA salutes all fathers who strive to make a difference to their children, partner, families and their communities

Reference: WABA website