World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action March 2013

2013 International Women's Day: "The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum"

In conjunction with International Women's Day, on 8th of March WABA is pleased to present the Statement on the theme "The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum". International Women's Day (IWD) is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of supporting mothers who increasingly work both at home and elsewhere in the formal and informal sectors. In some instances even playing the role of the main breadwinner of the family.

Women everywhere have to juggle with the increasing and competing demands on them - from their families, children, partners and work. Women's struggles to balance their productive and reproductive roles often come at enormous cost to themselves and their breastfeeding babies.WABA with WCC (Women Centre for Change Penang) and MMPS (Penang Mother-to-Mother Peer Support) celebrates the Penang State "Penang Women Rising" IWD event on 8 March.

Source: World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA)