World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action January 2013

A Regional Outreach Course

A Regional Outreach Course by the Infant Feeding Consortium, United Kingdom, and WABA will be held on 11th – 23rd November 2013 at Penang, Malaysia.

In response to repeated requests for in-depth training on breastfeeding and related aspects of young child feeding to be made available regionally, WABA and the Infant Feeding Consortium are introducing a 2-week course in Penang. Short practical courses are widely used and successful, but the need for more advanced training for doctors and other senior health professionals has not been met.

The course is specially designed for doctors and other senior health professionals from the region who are responsible nationally or locally for:
- clinical care of mothers and infants
- teaching short courses
- pre-service curricula for health professionals
- advocacy and policy development
- implementation of programmes such as the BFHI.

The Infant Feeding Consortium directs the 4-week course Breastfeeding: Practice and Policy (now called the Infant Feeding: Practice and Policy Course (IFPP)) from United Kingdom, and they will be responsible for organizing the course in collaboration with WABA. Teaching will be conducted mainly in English, with some use of Bahasa Malaysia.