Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement - June 2014

Zambia’s Civil Society led a multi-stakeholder high level policy forum on nutrition sensitive agriculture

A one day agriculture multi-stakeholder high level policy forum was led by the Zambia Civil Society Scaling Up Nutrition (CSOSUN) with multiple stakeholder groups. The forum was officially hosted by Hon. Dr Guy Scott; Zambia’s Vice President and was an opportunity for members of parliament, senior government officials, farmers, civil society and development partners to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the agriculture sector. Priorities were identified for short, medium and long term action by government, including an outline of spending priorities for the 2015 budget. Outcomes of the forum will be used to inform and give stakeholder backing to Zambia’s political commitments at the African Union Heads of State Summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, which will decide on new commitments to enforce the Maputo Deceleration and CADDP framework to realize its goals on food security, growth and employment creation.

Reference: Scaling Up Nutrition


Cambodia is the 53rd Country to join the SUN Movement

The kingdom of Cambodia became the 53rd country to join the Sun Movement. On behalf of the Government, a letter of commitment was sent by Dr. YIM Chhay Ly, the Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Council for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) within the Royal Government of Cambodia. The RGC has positioned food security and nutrition as top priorities in their national development policies, strategies and plans. The RGC is also developing a National Nutrition Investment and Action Plan (NNIAP) that embraces nutrition interventions as well as nutrition sensitive actions. In response to the lack of sufficient cross-sectoral interactions among many stakeholders, and to foster a dialogue between the RGC and development partners for cross-cutting themes, a Technical Working Group on Social Protection, Food Security and nutrition (TWG-SP&FSN) has been established to ensure policy cohesions and effective implementation. The RGC also recognizes the value in harnessing support to scale up nutrition from the international community involved in the SUN Movement.

Reference: Scaling Up Nutrition