Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement - May 2014

Survey: Capturing Nutrition Information

The whole time of the month of May, the SUN Movement Secretariat is conducting a survey to better understand information to monitor the implementation of actions for people’s nutrition and to evaluate trends in nutritional status. The approaches used by SUN countries vary – in terms of the types of data that are available, the sources of data, and the ways in which information is used to plan and implement actions for nutrition. Most of the SUN countries to have better access to the nutrition information they need and to use the information to best effect. To do this a three stage process was planned: An initial survey to understand the information on specific nutrition interventions and nutrition-sensitive strategies that is presently being used within SUN countries; A further survey to find out which data sources are used to produce nutrition information, and what is the level of disaggregation when data are analyzed; A qualitative study about nutrition information needs that are presently not being met and options for filling these gaps.

Reference: Scaling Up Nutrition


New Report: Planning and costing for the acceleration of actions for nutrition

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) published a synthesis report on the Planning and costing for the acceleration of actions for nutrition: experiences of countries in the Movement for Scaling Up Nutrition. The synthesis report is based on costed nutrition plans developed by 20 countries. These were analyzed by MQSUN and the SUN Movement Secretariat to better understand how countries are being responsive to their needs for scaling up nutrition.

Reference: Scaling Up Nutrition