Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement - April, 2014

Monitoring Progress in the SUN Movement – Second Pilot Workshop

 The Ministry of Health hosted the second pilot self-assessment workshop on 4 April 2014 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. The workshop was divided into two sessions- the morning and afternoon session. The main focus on the morning session was contributions and progress of the networks at the same time the afternoon session offered the opportunity for an assessment of the entire national platform. Over 30 participants together discussed and accessed national progress made based on the four strategic objectives behind the SUN Movement. The facilitator of the workshop and SUN Government focal point emphasized the multifaceted nature of nutrition. The one day workshop include members of the national multi-stakeholder platform, the National Council for Nutrition Coordination (CNCN), ministries including Health, Agriculture, Economy and Finance, Education, Environment, the Prime Minister’s Office, academic/research institutions, donors, civil society and the UN system. Mrs. Bertine Ouaro was the workshop facilitator and SUN Government Focal Point conducted the  overall event.

Reference: SUN website


SUN Movement Lead Group meet to reflect on country progress

On 15th April 2014 the 5th meeting of SUN Movement Leading Group took place. Reflection upon the progress of the Movement since September 2013 and examination of the movement as a whole was responded in the meeting. With a focus on social mobilization, communications and advocacy; planning, costing, tracking use of funds and mobilizing resources; monitoring implementation and evaluating impact; and managing and coordinating implementation was requested for support from SUN countries. Endorsement of the Terms of Reference for the SUN Movement Independent Comprehensive Evaluation (ICE) was decided to be undertaken throughout the following year.

Reference: SUN website