Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement August, 2013

USD 4.2 million awarded to 9 National Civil Society Alliances and  Funding Approved to Support Civil Society Coordination on SUN in Bangladesh

USD 4.2 million has been awarded to date through the SUN Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) to National Civil Society Alliances in Bangladesh, Ghana, Guatemala, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Nepal, Niger and Uganda and the Global Civil Society Network Secretariat. The SUN MPTF, established in March 2012 by participating UN agencies and contributing donor partners, is designed to ensure catalytic grants reach governments, UN agencies, civil society and other stakeholders to enable development and implementation of national.

Funding to support the development and operation of the Civil Society Alliance for Scaling Up Nutrition in Bangladesh (CSA for SUN, BD) will be provided by the SUN Movement Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF). Established in 2012, the MPTF is designed to provide grants to governments, UN agencies, civil society and other SUN stakeholder to support development and implementation of government-led efforts to scale up nutrition. Recently, funding has been granted in the amount of $535,000 USD to support development and operation of the CSA for SUN, BD for the period January 2013-December 2015.


Financing will support meeting the four main project outcomes:

  1. Establishment of a civil society organization (CSO) Network in Bangladesh that is fully operational and successfully influencing nutrition policy-making by 2013;
  2. Enhanced sharing of evidence-based information, research findings and resources among stakeholders to achieve effective implementation of nutrition programs;
  3. Adoption of a Comprehensive, coherent and adequately financed national nutrition plan by mid-2013 and implemented by the government by mid-2014; and
  4. Establishment of a joint tracking system to monitor progress of NNS with the active support from CSA for SUN, BD by mid-2013.


Reference: Scaling up Nutrition Webpage