Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement May, 2013

Quarter of world’s children at risk of under-performing at school

On 28 May 2013, Missing out on a nutritious diet can severely damage a child’s ability to read and write simple sentences and answer basic maths questions correctly, our new report, Food for Thought, reveals. On average, these children are 20% less literate than their peers - regardless of the amount and quality of schooling the child receives.

This has dire consequences for those children’s futures and also for economic growth in poorer countries. Children malnourished in their first two years suffer irreversible damage. They grow up smaller and weaker and their brains may not develop fully: a condition known as stunting.

Reference: Scaling up Nutrition Webpage


President of Tanzania sets out his Call for Action on Nutrition

On 16 May, the President of Tanzania and SUN Lead Group Member, H.E. Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete launched a nationwide nutrition sensitization campaign – the Presidential Call for Action on Nutrition. The campaign launch took place in Dar es Salaam with a large audience including government leaders at various levels. All of Tanzania’s Regional Commissioners attended and made commitments to advocate for improved nutrition in their respective regions( Tanzania has 25 regions and 160 districts). Development Partners were also present including UNICEF,WFP, AMB. of IRELAND,WORLD BANK ,UK IAD, USAID, HKI, IRISH AID, GAIN and WHO as well as private entrepreneurs, particularly those engaged in food fortification programmes. They all stated their continued support for the Presidents call for action.

Reference: Scaling up Nutrition Webpage