Bangladesh Government Activities- April, 2015


Ministry of Health & Family Welfare



DHS shows great progress in Bangladesh’s nutrition sector


New data shows Bangladesh has made a great progress in the nutrition sector, once regarded as the least improved area, reaching 2016 targets ahead of time.The results of the Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS) 2014 released on 25 April, 2015. The population research and training institute, NIPORT, has been conducting the survey every three years with supports from the USAID and the ICF International to evaluate the entire health and family planning sector’s performance.However it is found the fertility rate remained stagnant in the last three years, pointing at the moribund state of the family planning sector.  According to the program, the 2014 edition, seventh of its kind since 1993-94, also established the fact that the country has achieved the MDG-4 target of cutting child deaths much ahead of time.


It also registered a whopping 10-percentage point increase in the proportion of deliveries attended by the skilled birth attendants.  Dr Kanta Jamil, a senior adviser of the USAID,’s Office of Population, Health, Nutrition and Education told that they found excellent progress in six indicators. She also discuss they had evaluated 18 indicators of the ongoing health, population and nutrition sector programmes that would end in 2016, and found eight of them need “greater programme attention”. Of the “excellent” progressed indicators, three were related to nutrition. Stunting of the under-five children has been reduced to 36 percent, two percentage points lower than the 2016 targets, and underweight has been reduced to 33 percent from the 36 percent in 2011, putting Bangladesh on track to reach one of the MDG 1 targets. The survey collected data from more than 17,500 ever-married women aged between 15 years and 49 years in over 17,000 households nationwide. Kanta Jamil said that the purpose of the survey was “not to measure success or failure”.“It’s to guide us where we need greater programme attention to attain programme objectives”. Speaking at the survey releasing function, Health Minister Mohammed Nasim, thanked BDHS team for those findings, also asked the director general of the family planning directorate to infuse vigour into its programme. The health minister also said BDHS team have done a wonderful job and now have to set priorities analysing those data”.


Ministry of Agriculture

Comprehensive agricultural development to ensure food security and nutrition in the country: MP Maqbool Hussain


The Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Alhaj Mohammad Maqbool Hussain MP (70,Pabna 3) said that: “by the integrated agriculture development  we can ensure food security and nutrition for the people of Bangladesh”.He also urged to the  agriculturists for raising  public awareness about food-based nutrition. He also said; identify the trace elements in a variety of food like Fruit, Vegetable and rice and prepared food list for the different ages and region-based people. The nutrition research should take initiative to publish those food lists in the mass media and also include in the text curriculum. He assured on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture that he will give all the support. Under the Bangladesh Institute of Research and Training on Applied Nutrition (BIRTAN) a inception workshop was held on 20 April, Monday at the A.K.M  Giasuddin milaki auditorium. In this program Mr.  Alhaj Mohammad Maqbool Hussain MP was present as chief guest. Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and BIRTAN, Executive Chairman Mosharraf Hossain, and Director General of the Department of Agricultural Extension agronomist was presented in this workshop.