Food for Cities News - May 2014

Biannual report on global food markets, May 2014

Food Outlook is published by the Trade and Market Division of FAO under Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS). It is a biannual publication focusing on developments affecting global food and feed markets. Each report provides comprehensive assessments and short term forecasts for production, utilization, trade, stocks and prices on a commodity by commodity basis and includes feature articles on topical issues. Food Outlook maintains a close synergy with another major GIEWS publication, Crop Prospects and Food Situation, especially with regard to the coverage of cereals. Food outlook is available in English. Food markets have been affected by weather concerns and political tensions in the Black Sea region, which have boosted the FAO Food Price Index since February. While the 2014 global food import bill could stabilize at USD 1.29 trillion, animal product bills are set to increase, sustained by rising volumes and prices. The Food Outlook report is a product of the FAO Trade and Markets Division. As we draw closer to the “International Year of Pulses” in 2016, there is likely to be more interest in this specialty Production Trade as a % of production crop. There is much to be considered – from their versatile growing ranges, including varieties with proven drought tolerance, to the mounting body of scientific literature reinforcing not only the demonstrated horticultural benefits of crop rotations with pulses, but the health and nutrition benefits of a human diet containing a weekly ration of pulses as well. Best practices from success stories such as Ethiopia should be studied and scaled-up to whatever extent possible. Given the long term trends evident in this research, it is likely that production, consumption and trade will all continue to rise in the coming years, indicating that the sector deserves more robust support and attention from the international community and national governments than it has received so far.


Reference: FAO, Food for Cities