Food for Cities November, 2013

Report: Food Insecurity On The Rise

The New York City Coalition Against Hunger reports that one in 10 Queens residents are food insecure.

A report was unveiled by the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, titled “Superstorm of Hunger: Lingering Shortfalls Expose a Tale of Two Food Cities,” at the Center of Hope International Church on November 27 in Long Island City. Joel Berg, executive director of the Coalition, said low-income people especially faced a tidal wave of pain after the economic downturn and Superstorm Sandy. He also expressed that as the official recession is over and the flood waters have receded, it can be clearly seen that New York is still suffering from a tale of two food cities. While the wealthy have better gourmet food than ever, one in six of citizens are still struggling against hunger. New York City’s food pantries and soup kitchens faced an increased demand of 10 percent in 2013, on top of increases of five percent in 2012.In Queens, 43 percent of feeding agencies reported not having enough food to meet current demand, while 86 percent of responding agencies reported an increase in the number of people they served over the past years. U.S. Rep. Joe Crowley (D-Jackson Heights) said that the release of this new data further underscores the critical need for nutrition programs like SNAP and millions of New Yorkers rely on it to put food on their tables, and any cuts to the program would be devastating. As it is, countless families turn to local organizations like community food banks to meet their needs, but even they are operating with limited resources. The report also concludes one in eight children in Queens live in food insecure households.

Reference: Tribune Top news, December 6 2013