Food for the Cities- August, 2013

"Urban Malnutrition: A Review of Food Security and Nutrition among the Urban Poor" A New Study

A new study report has been published title “Urban malnutrition: a review of food security and nutrition among the urban poor” - Nutrition Works on August 2013. The main ideas are in the conclusion of the Executive summary are “The urban poor living in informal settlements and slums face a unique set of challenges compared to their rural counterparts. Almost exclusively dependent on the market for food and other necessary items, slum dwellers are very vulnerable to price increases and other market shocks. The population density of slums, in combination with poor sanitation and limited access to clean water, also translates into high transmission risk for communicable diseases. Despite the urban poor increasing in proportion to the overall population there is little disaggregated data, available between both rural and urban contexts, and between slums / non-slums. Although this is changing with new research focusing on slum dwellers, the body of knowledge on basic indicators, particularly health, food security and nutrition, is still limited. It is clear that urban-specific skills are needed in a number of areas, including analysis (especially related to gender roles), governance, and program design within (I)NGOs, Governments, UN, the private sector and donors.


Reference: Food for Cities, FAO, eldis