General Meeting of Bangladesh Civil Society Network for Promoting Nutrition (BCSNPN)

The general meeting of Bangladesh Civil Society Network for Promoting Nutrition (BCSNPN) was held on 8 Sep’2012 from 10am to 12pm at IDB Bahaban, Meeting Room 1 with aiming to finalize the draft constitution, its endorsement, completion of timeframe for nomination and election to form Executive Committee (EC) and membership drive.

Nutrition experts from national and local level organizations have been involve in implementing nutrition related projects, programs and engage in policy level, academician from health Economics, Population Science and nutrition department from University of Dhaka, representative from women Association(Bangladesh Mahila Parishad), representative from various professional bodies, Representative from Consumer Association Bangladesh(CAB), Bangladesh Food Safety Network participated in this meeting.

This meeting was graced by Prof. MQK Talukder, Dr. SK Roy, Chairman, Bangladesh Breastfeeding Foundation, Prof. Latifa Shamsuddin, President elect, Bangladesh Obstratic and Gyneocological Society of bangladesg), Prof.AKM Nurunnabi, Prof. Department of Population science, University of Dhaka as Special Guests. As interim Secretariat, Dr. Shamim Talukder, CEO, Eminence welcomed all participants of this network and briefed with background of formation and justification of this network with expectation of all’s technical input to make this constitution final. As part of this, Dr. Abu Jamil Faisel, Country Director, EngenderHealth, presented highlighted issues from the constitution. With few changes and modification, the draft constitution was finalizes after consensus of all participated experts from their own areas, an election committee consisting with three members, time frame for election process, its nomination and membership deadline are the major outcomes of this general meeting. Prof. Abul Barkat, ph.D, Chief Advisor (Hon.), Human Development Research Center (HDRC) chaired this General meeting and ended with a actions to be taken for following few months. 

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