1st TWG Meeting

28th June 2012 Eminence organized technical working group meeting (TWG) which held at Michael Latham Conference room in eminence. Dr.Arefin Amal Islam (SSEP), Khurshid Talukder (CWCH), Dr.A.Z.Faisal (Engender Health) and Dr. Shamim Hayder Talukder were participated in this TWG meeting. At the start of that meeting it was discussed that if the name of SUN will be there in the Bangladesh Civil Society Network and it was decided that SUN name will be there to show that we are really interested in Scaling Up Nutrition. In Advisory Committee Shahidullah Sir and MR Khan Sir should be included. Professional body, Executive body and representatives from beneficiaries should be included. It was decided that Membership From should be made easy to understand. Membership from should be within one page. It is not necessary to add   the role of member in the form. Membership criteria’s should be decided as a. General Membership b. Student Membership c. Beneficiaries Membership d. Advisory Membership e. Other Membership. It was discussed that Students and beneficiaries should get free membership, for others membership fee can be 300-500 taka and Life membership fee should be 5000 taka. There can be an essay competition on how organizations want to work in nutrition sector and good writers can be honored by providing prize bond.  It was discussed that at present only the name of BCSNSUN is registered but if the organization will be registered or not. If organization will be registered then it will conflict with members. For example BAFA have no registration for the organization and if it needs fund then take help from its registered members which can be followed. There were other issues discussed like what will be the election procedure, role of the panel, organization rules of business, procedure for amending constitution, If organization no longer exist then what to do. It was decided to follow a constitution for modifying the format. It was discussed that in the website homepage there should be nutrition vision and Khurshid Sir will provide writing for website. (For example we can add-In Bangladesh 90% infant and young children are breast fed. It is an asset for us. We have to emphasize on Breast Feeding and Complementary feeding first. Then we can add other topics.) First the outline of the website should be build and then take feedback from all. It was suggested to put some pictures in website to focus the problems like over nutrition NCDs- obesity as well as under nutrition. There was a suggestion for a Bangla name for the website but later it was decided that to communicate and advocate in National and International level English is needed. So there can be an option by using an English name with an attractive Bangla Tag. The address of Eminence can be used without using the name of Eminence. It was suggested that a press conference can be arrange on 14th July. The venue suggested were Press Club, BIRDEM, TSC, Dhaka College, BIHS etc.  Later Press Club was finalized. In the press conference there should be public speech from different professional and the orientation of BCSNSUN website by Khurshid Talukder Sir. It was suggested to invite Baizid Khursed Sir from ministry and Shafiqul Islam Laskor Sir from WHO. At the end of the meeting, it was decided to arrange a BCSNSUN meeting on 4th July and Nasima Apa from OGSB should be invited.


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