2nd TWG Meeting

4th  August 2012 Eminence organized  technical working group meeting (TWG) which held at Michael Latham Conference room in eminence. Dr.Arefin Amal Islam(SSEP), Dr.S.M.Kamal (Radda MCGFP), Dr.A.Z.Faisal (BCD), Krishna Palit (NFLS), kazi Maruful Islam( Eminence), Avijit Poddar(HDRC), Prof. Shah Monir Hossain(Eminence), Dr.Shamim Haider Talukder were participated in this TWG meeting.
At the start of that meeting it was decided that membership categories should be two types, organizational and individual/invite.  Dr. Faisal will be support us to define membership criteria. Than it was decided membership fee should be 2000 for organization & 1000 for individual & individual membership will be renewed by 500 taka. In this meeting Dr. Faisal has given us valuable feed back about the constitution & said that he will give more feedback within 10th August. Also he will provide a letter within 10th August & Prof. Shah Monir  will  email the  letter with attaching trade mark on behalf of TWG to ministry , IPHN & other stake holders. At that stage of meeting many opinions raised about constitution finalization like number of vice president should be two; the number of EC should be 9. Some language of constitution was changed by participant’s feedback. Prof. M.Q.K Talukder, National Prof. M.R.Khan & other expert can be included in invite membership category   it was decided. In this meeting also discussed about individual member who will comes from each organization & advocating activities of BSCNSUN. The most important thing of this meeting was getting the feedback of constitution. At the end of the meeting it was decided next General Meeting (GM) will be held on 8th September 2012 Saturday at 10.00 am & the agenda will be as - finalization of constitution, formation of election commission & finalization for date for member collection & election. The Venue of GM was suggested on IDB.  

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