8th Executive Committee meeting of BCSNPN

The 8th Executive Committee meeting of BCSNPN was held on 9th April 2014 at conference hallroom, IPH building, Mohakhali, Dhaka. Initially discussion on the review of the BCSNPN Brochure design was followed by the conversation on the financial aspect of the network. The EC members decided to track an approval system for the network expenditure. Write ups and different articles about nutritional condition of Bangladesh needs to be published in different newspaper on behalf of the network. The Executive Committee members also decided to mobilize the network resources as yearly work plan is mandatory. Fixation of the network strategy is also essential for the advancement of BCSNPN. A draft work plan for all members of the network to be distributed through emailing was an additional decision. The EC members decided to arrange a workshop on 24 April, 2014 to talk about the network agenda among the BCSNPN members. The meeting continued further with Dr. Shamim Hayder Talukder sharing some experiences on a recent meeting held in health ministry, the main discussion topic of which was Scaling Up Nutrition.  The BCSNPN Coordinator proposed to explore the nutritional intervention from micro level to macro level and a case study focused on the nutritional improvement after utilizing the Jamuna Bridge is to be implemented. The network members also discussed on the improvisation of the network activities. Next Prof. M-Q-K Talukder introduced a book published by BBF possessing 27 stories about malnutrition condition in Bangladesh. The network President also suggested that network should fight against the individuals or organizations using nutrition for their own benefits. The meeting concluded with the decision to meet the Health Secretary and Additional Health Secretary to inform them about the overall activities of the network very shortly.

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