Still more awareness schemes needed for the inaccessible char areas in Bangladesh

Sanjida, 23 years, a mother of three months male baby in Jajira, a remote char area in Sirajganj, came in touch with the BCSNPN (Bangladesh Civil Society Network for Promoting Nutrition) team in last December. Asking about the feeding of her baby, she noted that she feeds formula milk to her baby. Though her baby was within the age limit of exclusive breastfeeding and they live with only 400 taka weekly income, she provides at least three containers every month for the baby. In fact they experience huge difficulty to buy the 550 taka worth formula milk but Zohura, the grandmother also admitted that her grandchild will die if they don’t give this nourishing food and very interestingly she was in very much favour of the artificial feed. According the grievous grandmother the formula milk is the most nutrient containing food. On the other hand, Sanzida and Zohura asked the team members that how can they breastfeed the baby instead of giving this healthy food. Concluding about breastfeeding surprisingly the mother again said,” Will I deprive my baby boy from having this most nutritious food item and kill him accordingly?”

 The more exciting thing was about to come- ten steps ahead, a poor grocery shop in the char was equipped with abundant number of formula milk containers, recently the advertisement and selling Act of which was passed through the Parliament of Bangladesh. In fact even in such a remote area formula milk is very much easily accessible and this amazed the visiting correspondence. 

 As the awareness regarding breastfeeding and avoiding formula milk was not up to the mark, more concern is needed in those areas. In a nutshell, more nutritional programmes and schemes are required to put together for such areas nutrition sentient progress. BCSNPN Coordinator Dr. Shamim Hayder Talukder assisted the team, for the visit to find about the knowledge and behaviour of the women in the char areas. The findings will help to set the future strategies of the Nutrition Civil Society Network.




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