SUN Movement Global Gathering and Participation of BCSNPN

During the 68th General Assembly of the United Nations, a high level meeting along with chain of gatherings among the SUN country representatives took place in New York on 23-24 September, 2013. As a effect of the remarkable augmentation in the political awareness towards nutrition throughout the year 2013, the SUN countries and stakeholder groups met with the aim to build a more profound and structured interface for the encouragement in global nutritional progress. Participants from SUN countries and across the Movement came together in this workshop-style event to solve the realistic blockage and to attain concrete outcomes.

The recommendations coming from the global gathering was to demonstrate the results in SUN countries i.e. contributing to the learning agenda by focusing on the ways to achieve the results and to enable countries to seek solutions to help them scale up nutrition from other countries and networks. The other ways to boost up the nutrition developmental actions were strengthening mutual liability within the movement along with all constituents, countries, networks, secretariat and members of the Lead Group giving accounts of their contributions and envisioning the Movement beyond 2015. The meetings were opportunities to establish synergies between these initiatives and the SUN movement.

Dr. Shamim Hayder Talukder as the Coordinator of BCSNPN represented the network amongst the participants of the series of congregation and relevant SUN activities. Dr. Talukder spoke on the limitations concerning the global nutritional improvisation and anticipated the scopes for implementation in upgrading the nutritional status of Bangladesh.




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