Nutrition Symposium Organizing Committee Meeting of Bngladesh Civil Society Network for Promoting Nutrition(BCSNPN)17th July 2013

Nutrition symposium Organizing Committee Meeting has been organised on 17 July at Eminence office . In August, BCSNPN will organise a nutrition symposium, decided earlier in the 3rd Executive Committee meeting. The meeting was chaired by DR. SK Roy the convener of symposium organizing committee. Shah Monir Hossain, the General Secretary of BCSNPN, Jibon Kumar Baral Member of BCSNPN was also present in the meeting.

The meeting was initiated with the target to plan for the Nutrition symposium as the event is considered to be an image building phenomenon for BCSNPN. Therefore it needs intense attention to become very effective event. Discussion, therefore, continued to fix the structure of the event in alignment with the core objectives of the network. 28th August was selected as the tentative date for the event. Discussion also extended regarding session plans for the event and it has been finalized to be designed with just one session. Around 100- 150 participants, who can contribute to the discussion, will be invited. “Symposium on promoting nutrition in Bangladesh" was selected as the name of the symposium. It was finalized to organize the event with two topics- (i) Mainstreaming Nutrition, (ii) Business in Nutrition. The thematic areas were- policies for nutrition in Bangladesh, nutrition intervention, food safety and quality intervention, subjective to fund organization and do business in nutrition. A small group of three members were formed to prepare each presentation. The next Organizing Committee Meeting for Nutrition symposium will be held on 22 July.

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