Meeting between UN REACH and Bangladesh Civil Society Network for Promoting Nutrition (BCSNPN)

Meeting between UN REACH and Bangladesh Civil Society Network for Promoting Nutrition (BCSNPN) was held on 14 July at premise of Eminence. The meeting was chaired by Prof Shah Monir Hossain, the General Secretary of BCSNPN. Aimed of the meeting was looking for partnership opportunities between UN REACH and BCSNPN. Participants of BCSNPN and UN REACH were welcomed and short introductions of the members of both the bodies were done at the beginning of meeting. Discussion also extended to familiarize the BCSNPN network and the UN REACH. Similarities in the activities of BCSNPN and UN REACH were also identified- to bring relevant stakeholders in a common platform. UN REACH has not worked with the academicians yet and so looks to work with the BCSNPN network which consists of academicians. The action plan of UN REACH was shared. UN REACH plans to organize events for knowledge sharing, for evidence analysis, mapping various nutrition activities and conduct advocacy of relevant stakeholders. ToRs for the activities will be circulated within 2 weeks.  Discussion also extended sharing UN REACH's plan to conduct a knowledge sharing event on September, where BCSNPN can contribute and BCSNPN has given concern to participate the even for support to UN REACH to enable knowledge exchange. UN REACH is also intending to identify the champions in nutrition interventions. A mapping of stakeholders and nutritional activities was developed and shared with the Government of Bangladesh. However, updated mapping required and activities to be undertaken based on the findings from the mapping and BCSNPN will also work on the mapping upon collecting the material with UN REACH.

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