Announcement of the 1st Executive Committee of BCSNPN, 2013

On 9th February, BCSNPN’s 1st Executive Committee 2013 was declared during its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at IPH Conference Room, Dhaka. The meeting commenced with the warm words of the Chair, Dr. AKM Nurun Nabi, Prof. Department of Population Sciences of University of Dhaka and also the convener of the Adhoc committee. The Chief Election Commissioner, on behalf of the Election Commission, announced the 1st Executive Committee of BCSNPN- Professor M Q-K Talukder is elected as the President, Dr. A K M Nurun Nabi & Dr. S K Roy are the Vice-President, Prof Shah Monir Hossain is the General Secretary, Dr. Tofail Md. Alamgir Azad  the Treasurer; and Dr. A J Faisel, Dr. Zeba Mahmud, Habibur Rahman and Jibon Kumar Baral as the members.

The meeting has also highlighted the various nutrition specific activities that the platform has undertaken since its inception to address the nutritional problems in Bangladesh. Prof. Dr. Shah Monir Hossain has shared his plan to address the grass root level nutritional issues and he also encouraged community participation with the involvements of professionals from agriculture, fisheries, economists, faith based and others sectors. He added that by direct involvement of the skilled birth attendants and other front line workers with the network, the network can expect a good outcome in the process of combating malnutrition. He also cited one of the main objective of the network- provide technical assistance to National Nutrition Services (NNS) to carry out all programs successfully in the community level.

Dr. Shamim Hayder Talukder, CEO of Eminence, showcased the financial updates and future actions. He also stated the various achievements of the networks: the formal launching of this network, ad hoc committee formation, consultation meeting with different ministries including NNS, development partners, United Nations, UN REACH, seminars, press conference and the website development and maintenance.

The Executive Committee of BCSNPN at a glance

Name of the Member

Membership No

Position in the Executive Committee

Professor M Q-K Talukder



Dr. A K M Nurun Nabi



Dr. S K Roy



Prof Shah Monir Hossain


                General Secretary

Dr. Tofail Md. Alamgir Azad



Dr. A J Faisel



Dr. Zeba Mahmud



Habibur Rahman



Jibon Kumar Baral






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