Global SUN Movement

  • SUN Global Movement update:United Nations Secretary General BAN KI MOON launched a “Zero Hunger Challenge,” inviting all natons to be boldly ambitious as they work for a future where everyone enjoys their right to food and all food systems are resilient. He called on governments, business, farmers, scientists, civil society and consumers to join the challenge by honoring past promises and working together to put an end to hunger.
  • Scaling Up Nutrition: Supporting Country-led Efforts to Promote ...Through Feed the Future and the Global Health Initiative, the U.S.Government supports the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement, which helps children in countries ...more
  • Innovation of the Week: Scaling up Nutrition | Nourishing the Planet Scale Up Nutrition (SUN), a program of the United Nations Standing Committee ... More than 100 organizations, including Bread for the World and Save the ... Secretary of State Hillary Clinton noted that the SUN movement “has become, in a ...more