Members Criteria

All will have equal status and the applicant is required to meet any one or more of the following criteria to become a member:
A.    Individual member which will have the following sub-categories:

  • Ordinary Member
  • Life Member
  • Student Member
  • Beneficiary Member

Academic, service delivery, research background individual and are committed to work on health and nutrition issues will be welcome to be enlisted as a member of BCSNPN.
B.    Organizational member

  • Local, national and INGOs
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Community based organizations
  • Other civil society and network

Government will try to ensure food and nutrition for all people of the country

Honorable prime minister said that her government will try to create and implement new legislation on food and agricultural production and also will try to ensure adequate food and nutrition to all people of the country. In the inauguration ceremony of “South Asia Right to Food Conference” she also emphasized on taking regional initiatives to eradicate poverty, hunger and on the establishment of SARC Food Bank. She said, “There is no substitute of taking initiatives to eradicate poverty and hunger from South Asia and recently occurred earthquake of Nepal reminds us of the necessity of the food security.” She also said that it is important to accelerate the initiative of the establishment of SARC Food Bank, the leaders of the South Asia nations are trying their best for doing that as early as possible. SARC Food Bank will play as a role of friend for each poor people and not let any person die starving.She invited all to execute the planning of establishment of the SARC Seed Bank to ensure the involvement and empowerment of farmers regarding the seeds. Among 5 basic needs of human e.g. food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care, Food is on the top need. In spite of achieving improvement in civilization, science and knowledge, till now adequate foods are not available to all people worldwide.  Read more........



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